A Letter To A Boy From His Mother

by Tilda Swinton

Boy, my darling,

You asked me the other day, just as you were dropping off, what people’s dreams were like before the cinema was invented. You who talk blabberish and chase rabbits in your sleep, hurrumphing like a dog..you who never watch television..

I’ve been thinking of your question ever since.

I just think of how my mind went whirring after you had fallen asleep and I lay there wondering... and all I know is - it was a good feeling. I just know that I want my mind to whirr like that. That it hasn’t whirred like that for a while, that its precisely this whirr factor that I value the cinema for providing. Even a QUESTION about cinema can do it to me...Yes, and like all your questions, particularly the kind that come at the very dog end of a long day... there is no answer that I feel capable of offering : ‘What was the last thing to be made?’ ‘Can you jump on the clouds when you are dead?’ ‘ What do worms taste like?’ ‘ ...What does a wet lamb feel like?’... (although we’ve discussed - and researched - these last two in detail)

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Xavier Byrne


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2011-02-17 в 14:06 

это сын Тильды?

2011-02-17 в 15:10 

Гость да, Ксавьер. Еще есть дочка Онор, они близнецы.)

2011-02-21 в 11:31 

смешной малый) волосюшки такие длинные)


Tilda Swinton